Drawing from the universal abysses

With my creations perceived as marginal, I intend to create an impact on future generations by using diverse and specialized creative methods.

"Style is the answer to everything, and I have seen dogs with more style than many men." Charles Bukowski

Getting dressed is a banal act, but by adding style, this act can become dangerous, even revolutionary and a bearer of the people's values. It's a mundane action, but executing it with style, is what we call art.

Manipulating leather with precision, I establish an anchor point in the physical and social sphere; which we share with other humans. I sculpt with intention and meticulousness, objects that carry a message. By making dog collars for humans, I try to make people think about the line between bestiality and humanity. By creating harnesses, leather coats, and non-binary clothing, I attempt to shine a light on often marginalized groups, in order to help them emerge from shame, make them comfortable being who they are, and to assert themselves. Shame is such a heavy, so ravenous, so foolish emotion. Yet, it's often the origin of my need to create. My goal, over the years, has defined itself: I wish to produce products that transform shame into pride, and pride into beauty. Through my art, I want to reveal what's beautiful in a twisted mind, in a twisted body.

-Red Raven


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